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Today 2 October 2016

We have done so much research on the 7 churches of Revelation and found some profound things that we will share in time about these two chapters. When you read any text from any manuscript, you only see a small condensed part of the history of that time. The trip to Turkey in 2014 was worth every minute and we still have so much to learn from this experience. We have gone a few steps further to see which words were mentioned, studied the personalities of the relevant towns and see where that took us. For example, Smyrna is where the poor people stayed and Laodicea is where the rich people stayed. Today its pretty much the same. You will find a lot of refugees in Smyrna too. Laodicea still has a lot of rich people staying and large graves you will see at Hierapolis, the source of Laodiceas water.

If you would like to do a tour of Turkey please feel welcome to email us at info@turkeycode.com

*** Update 11 November 2014: More and more info getting onto the website as we realize how misinformed people are on Turkey and the 7 churches. Even those who visit the sites do not go and do their homework, for instance one site mentioned that the Thyatira site is closed. It does seem closed but there is an entrance on the back end and the site is very quiet too so there does not seem like any visitors on the site when you arrive.

*** Update 8 November 2014: We have updated the 7th Church - Laodicea. It would be interesting to note that there are 4 areas that need to be seen to understand how the message came about. Plenty of grapes, pomegranates and olives can be found in this area.

*** Update 6 November 2014: After much time spent on organizing photos and videos since we have returned and a few presentations we have done, we are going to share some more info on the 7 Churches soon. 

*** Update: 31 October 2014: With the research we have done up until now, there is definitely a link we have found to Turkey and all the modern religions of the world and when I say modern we mean Buddhism, Christianity whether Catholic and Protestant and or Judaism.

*** Update 8 October 2014: We have flown from Istanbul to Abu Dhabi and waiting for the flight to Johannesburg. We had fantastic service from our air hostess and time seemed to fly. We also met some South Africans on the flight who have been helping the Syrians on the Turkish border and wish to keep contact with them.

*** Update: 7 October 2014:  Today we visit the Hagia Sophia and go to study the architecture and take photos. It is one of the most important museums of the western world and according to the pictures i have been shown its something very special to visit.

Reality Call:

We have completed our tour of the 7 Churches (Towns/Locations) and sit with a wealth of information and experience that we still have to document as well as digest. It has been an awesome experience been in Turkey, one full of blessings, blessings not materially but knowledge-wise and spiritually. There is much information to consider before we place it online, but there are a few words I can share right now.

After been in a Ministry and speaking on topics that most people would like to hear about, I would reckon that the experience would be an amazing to speak from going to the places and experiencing the archaeological evidence oneself. What you cannot do is physically be there in the time it was written, unless of course you had a time machine that could do that, but then different people experience different things because of their expectations at that time.

With our trip to Turkey, there was expectations of finding certain answers which we did get, but finding answers to questions we had not yet asked and then the realization of those who we tell the story that after they get information from what we have seen and experienced, they would be inspired to ask more questions that they would themselves find answers for.

We might not give you all the answers now or maybe not at this point, but unless you have been there yourself you would have a hard time to be satisfied by reading the text itself, let alone writing a sermon for it. We watched an inspiring DVD on the 7 Churches of Revelation before we left and that gave us some more important information for our trip and a better understanding.

We went to Turkey as 'poor people' and we are leaving as RICH! Our friends and family have followed us on Facebook and inspired us to do what we are doing even though both of us have a full time job still, we can still use our after-hours time to help others see the Truth behind the Truth. 

Our mission will surprise you that we are not going as a denomination or church group, that is the last thing we came to do, but to go as Truth-Seekers in a free-thinking-God-fearing world.

 We wish to embrace change in our lives as well as yours that the questions you have always asked might be answered and then once you have the answers do the necessary changes to your life and family and then seek new questions and answers. Finding someone to argue with has never been easier, someone who understands the burden of extremist religious thinking and restricts knowledge to the followers.

We would like to respect every culture and religion wherever we go and not mock or despise anyone's thinking that would be different to be ours, after all, we are still learning and learning and willing to get feedback from anyone who has something to share.

 We have seen in Turkey more than anything else, the tolerance between all religions and this has come for thousands of years. Also we will explain later how some are the same in so many was even though they are told to hate the other in some places.

We sit now on Izmir airport waiting for our flight before we fly back to Istanbul which is the city where Christianity meets Islam. Istanbul is the 8th largest city in the world and the 2nd largest in Europe with a population of over 14 million people. 

We have taken 6000-8000 (approximately 6600 to 8800) photos and videos in totalsince we have arrived so we have a lot to sort them out. 

 Lastly, the article Nelda wrote:  

So far we have missioned through 7 Towns, saw 23 ancient and archaeological/historical sites with ruins, which include the 7 Churches of the book of Revelation. We have WALKED 125,170 steps which adds up to 105 km, in 18 days and that in rough terrain......  what an amazing journey ! shared with an amazing man....all for an amazing purpose... Glory to God !!!
Keep watching our websites for photos and videos and info on our guided tours to the 7 Churches and some of St Paul's footsteps......

*** We are currently in the town of Selcuk near the ruins of Ephesus. We saw the Ephesus ruins today and will post some info over there.

*** Update - Spent time in Alesehir ( Philadelphia) today at two old sites. We did some measurements and saw some interesting artefacts. A promise of the Key of David was given to these people. Somehow we found the keyhole...

*** Update - We flew from Istanbul to Izmir and found ourselves going on the wrong bus but going to see Sardis instead of Thyatira so as we see things work out differently we find a reason why we had to do this. So there is a program change....

*** Update - We flew on Etihad to Abu Dhabi. We are waiting on the airport for a connecting flight to Istanbul. Etihad is a very efficient and recommended airline to fly on. We highly recommend them.

Turkey Research is about a journey of two individuals whose lives came into contact with each other and melted into one and soon after found their purpose was to visit Turkey together. She had been there already, in fact twice. She had visited quite a few important places and took many pictures, of which you are about to see soon. This time, after months of research, they found that Turkey is one of the most important places on earth, in fact, possibly the place of the original Garden of Eden. These are not just thumb suck facts or wanting to prove a point, but in fact one of the many facts that they stumbled upon. Even Noah's Ark is found on the edge of Turkey and Iran. The Tigris and Euphrates are found in Eastern Turkey, so there is a lot of significance to this countries history and importance.

Event Calendar

Johannesburg Departure
We leave Johanessburg to Abu Dhabi. We have arrived in Abu Dhabi after a pleasant trip with Etihad airlines. We have walked through the airport building several times to see what they have to offer. Now we...   More
Abu Dhabi
Leave Abu Dhabi for Istanbul   More
Leave Istanbul to Sardis
We had an amazing day. See the page Sardis...We fly from Istanbul to Izmir (Smyrna) which is 86km from Sardis. Otherwise its over 500km on a bus through the mountains and that takes 8 hours minimum. Once we...   More
Thyatira Ruins Visit
We will trek to Thyatira ruins, today called Akhisar.   More
Sardis Visit
The town of Sardis is in the middle of the 7 towns. We need to be here on the 28th. Very important date   More
Philadelphia - Alasehir
We will visit the Philadelphia ruins and any place of significant value   More
Denizli - Laodicea
The ruins of Laodicea are outside the city. We would like to pin point each site adn add pictures for each site.   More
Ephesus - Selcuk (Efes)
This is one of the most significant spoken of sites at the coast. There are a few places we need to see here but firstly, the ruins of Ephesus.   More

See our Itinerary page for our program and visits

He was an ex-minister in a church for exactly 7 years to the date before he was taken out of the ministry he lived full time for. He then afterwards found himself on a journey, virtually on his own, just him and God and started feeling the need to write and has a few websites which he spends a lot of time adding info. There are so many facts that lie in front of us, yet we cannot see the word pictures lie obviousy in front of us because we were taught that if the minister did not mention or promote an idea, it simply would mean it was new age, but in fact the more new age some things are, the more truthful they are.

Knowing your god (God) is not that important in todays culture but rather fighting for his causes and supporting His organisations.

This website will present a lot of truths and will not discuss every fact and truth because it would not be accepted or even appreciated by everyone, but some very interesting facts will be presented here for all to see. The couple whose paths met have paid a visit to Turkey during September/ October 2014 and have a calling for several reasons and for a special time and purpose. The purpose coincided with a Jewish holiday as well as verses in the Book of Revelation and the timing of been in Turkey during this time will be very significant. It is also important to remember that we respect every religious institution and not force ones own limited understanding of ones own and another's point of view.

This couple will be investigating some of the most amazing facts that have been discovered already about Turkey, and for this visit they will be visiting the 7 main towns discussed in Revelation 1-3 called the 7 churches.

In each of these towns, there is a significance to different facts in and outside scriptures, science and universal laws as well as universal secrets.

We will add the information as we go and hope you will join an open-minded and education journey with us as we proceed to the co-ordinates we are about to visit.