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Below is the route we have decided to take. It has taken much thought and meditation into why we are going this route as well as the time of the year it will be perfect timing for at least 4 of the Churches. Turkey is a majority Muslim country and according to many, some of the friendliest people in the region.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Reuel & Nelda

We leave from Johannesburg, South Africa on 24 September to Istanbul. I have never been to Turkey before, but Nelda has been there twice. After doing lots of research and getting excited, she motivated me to go there because of her interest in Pauls' journeys. We have a lot of study in common with information that bridges and builds what we already understand about the importance of the region. We are flying Etihad Airways there and back. They offer the most competitive pricing too. We hope to have all our friends and family follow us as we move from place to place taking photos and doing research.

We have arrived in Abu Dhabi after a pleasant trip with Etihad airlines. We have walked through the airport building several times to see what they have to offer. Now we wait in the airport until the morning for our Etihad flight to Istanbul.

Thursday 25 September ( 1st Day Rosh) ( Navararti Starts)

On the evening of 25th September we sleep over in Istanbul: The Old City. Most international flights fly into Istanbul and tourists go from there to their destinations. Istanbul has some amazing monuments and history. Its also where Constantine started Organised Christianity. 

You might ask why we are starting at Sardis. This might take a while to explain so I need you to try understand my thinking. It all started years ago that when a friend of mine who was studying the book of Revelation started telling me how amazing this book is. I spent some time listening to different peoples stories on this book and began to see it from different angles, or a multi-dimensional perspective. I would never stop anyone from telling me their version of this Apocalyptic manuscript. 

I began to look at this book from a non-religious and more spiritual point of view. Even though some parts might have a chronological point of view, there are different dimensions that these events are playing out. Even John who must have been standing in awe watching all these events pass by would have wondered how and where these events would take place. Some of them might have been events and others proverbs or messages. He, as Daniel would not have been given the detail of how things would happen but they were told to write them and seal them. The book of Revelation is like a book of Prophesy or a book of Astrology ( the word star/s is mentioned 13 times)and there is so much symbolism portrayed in this book that it would needs years of study to understand it. Anyone who claims to have it all as far as understanding it is concerned must have had some own amazing similair experiences.

When reading the content below you might frown or not understand the information as it is presented because some things will be mentioned like the Holy days of the Jewish, Muslim and Hindu people. All have found a significance in keeping this days as sacred holidays. The average Christian have never observed these holidays and therefore will not understand many of their New Testament texts entirely. What these verses in Revelation mention have very much a significance to the Universal days and moons. Once you put the two together it will enrich your life more fully.

Colossians 2:16  Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:
Colossians  2:17  Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ.

Friday 26 September  (2nd Day Rosh) (Muharram) ( Islamic new year and Jewish New Year)

Our aim is to leave Istanbul early morning to get to Pergamom (Bergama) for our next night accomodation but then visit our first town of Thyatira. According to all the universal Holidays and the clues given to us in the book of Revelation, the most likely towns to visit are Thyatira and Sardis during these two days. We have decided to fly in the morning to Izmir (Smyrna) instead of a long 8 hour trip by bus. From Izmir its 86km to our first destination. We will so as many documentaries as we can ( Video Footage ) Our day will be flexible as you see the info on the homepage is slightly different at this point.


Left is Akhisar - Thyatira

Saturday 27 September (5th Church- Centre) ( Trumpets Begins)

We need to be in Sardis (Sard) on this day. Sard is the centre of the lamp stands. The Feast begins on the evening/ sunset of 27/28. Its the beginning of the feast of trumpets.

See the page about Sardis for more info

Sunday 28 September ( Feast of Trumpets-Gadalya) (6th Church)

On the left is a shrine left on Mount Hermon in Israel, the place where the fallen angels descended and the highest point in Israel also. Note the rays of sun in the doorway. There is a reason for that. Look at the many more buildings in ancient history where the sun enters. There is an expectation of him appearing at the door.

In one of the portrayals of the day of Pentecost, the pouring out of the Holy Spirit which coincided on the day Moses recieved the Law of God as well as the disciples and others received the Spirit (Law upon their hearts) we see a king ( Possibly Christ) coming in at the door, shining, coming with a white garment.

This day we will visit Philadelphia. The accommodation is reasonable over here too. Philadelphia is an important place to be because it has the door. Somewhere where the door is there is an entry going to take place. One of the most important messages that appear twice in Revelation 1 and 2 is the significance of where 'He' is standing. The lamp stand in the middle is Sardis. Here are the verses.

Our research will find us places at the right time and place. Lots of things to be discovered and maybe many more years to come but we hope to help people understand the difficult parts of scripture as well as give them perspective to life.

We have posted some information on our Facebook page, but are so excited to share it on our Philadelphia page. There is so many things you can learn through the few sentences you read on that page

Monday 29 September ( 7th Church)

*** Update: We might get to this site a day later because of what we have discovered here and other places...

Our visit to the 7th Church or town is going to be interesting. You are probably wondering why we start halfway through the churches and carry on. Hopefully we will be able to make sense to you and draw a map of our journey

Denizli - Laodicea

Tuesday 30 September ( First Church)

We move on to Ephesus. There is a lot to see in this region. We hope to see as many ruins as possible as we go. We hope to do Geo-tagging on our pictures because that will help us a lot with identifying important places.

Wednesday 1 October

We stay an extra day at Selcuk near Ephesus. Selcuk is a town very close to Ephesus. Ephesus is just ruins and a tourist attraction now and there is no accommodation.

In the background is the Selcuk castle on a hill.

Thursday 2 October

An extra day to view the cave of the 7 sleepers in Ephesus. The Koran is the only manuscript that speaks of it besides all the stories that are still told. We plan to view some more of this region while we are here.

Friday 3 October (Smyna) Izmir ( 2nd Church)

Some interesting sites need to be visited in Izmir especially the museum in the 'David Star' Centre of town

Saturday 4 October (3rd Church)

We go to Pergamom ( Begama) to go and study the ruins and meet some people over here. Pergamom has a very interesting history... Germany has taken the altar to Berlin and its been a museum there even before the second world war.

Sunday 5 October

We stay over at Bergama. The monument on the left was taken to Berlin. It was in Pergamom. Also see the inscriptions on top of the gate, almost like the sun shining through.

Monday 6 October

We leave Bergama back to Istanbul to go visit the Mosques and study the architecture over there. The roots of formal Christianity as most practice today started out here. We look forward to giving you the updates.

Tuesday 7 October (Istanbul - Constantinople)

*** Update: 7 October 2014:  Today we visit the Hagia Sophia and go to study the architecture and take photos. It is one of the most important museums of the western world and according to the pictures i have been shown its something very special to visit.

We sleep over in the old city (Istanbul)

We are to add a lot of info here while on our trip, where possible. We have a lot to see and go with open ears and eyes as we journey through these sacred sites. Anyone want to give us feedback, please feel free to write to us at the email address below.

Please contact us if you need information. We will be glad to help you!

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